Installation of reinforced concrete structures

Concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials. In addition to its high elasticity, compression strength and stiffness, concrete is also a very costeffective material. Prefabricated reinforced concrete structures have extremely good fire resistence properties. They are produced in enclosed areas and offer a wide range of different technical solutions of high aesthetic and functional value.

MG PRECAST’s advantage is that it pre-stresses the structural elements at its plants, improving their load-bearing capacity and the stability of the individual element.

The prefabricated concrete structures include foundations, columns, beams, floor slabs, roof supports and wall panels. This allows the use of a relatively small number of elements produced in large batches to construct a wide variety of buildings. Production does not depend on weather conditions and can be carried out throughout the year.

The range of buildings that can be built with prefabricated concrete elements include industrial buildings, logistics centres, multi-storey shopping malls and car parks, hotels, residential and administrative buildings and many others.

MG Precast and its expert team are able to offer technical design solutions to its customers according to any terms of reference. Our prefabricated elements can also be adapted to existing projects in accordance with the investor’s requirements.

Armirano Betonske Konstrukcije, reinforced concrete structures


Prefabricated collars and footings that are made in place, together form footings for precast column.

Loading ramps

If used reloading place for trucks, MG Precast in its program has ramps that connect stockroom with cargo space vehicles.


Vertical structural elements, carry horizontal elements of the roof and plate floor. The cross-sections of the pillars are square or rectangular shape, which is sized according to structural analysis.

Beams L-T

Beams of constant cross-section L and T are made of prestressed concrete. They are used as supporting horizontal elements for plate floor and roof structures.


MG Precast in its manufacturing subsidiary have plate floor type of IFLED of prestressed concrete. As with other prefabricated plate floors, for montage of them it is necessary to do monolithically.

TT Slabs

Ribbed floor shuttering or TT slabs are made fromprestressed concrete. They are used for the construction of flat or oblique roof and also as plate floor.

Beams I-If

Beams I and If (I filaments) are horizontal supporting elemnts of prestressed concrete, they have constant height and secondary roof elemnets rely on them (e.g. TT slabs or purlins).

Beams A

MG Precast in its manufacturing subsidiary has roof beam with double slope of 6% and 10%. Beam has a variable cross-section and is made of prestressed concrete…


The secondary support element purlins rely on the main supporting elements. PURLINS T The purlins of this type are characterized by T-section and made of prestressed concrete.


Precast concrete panels are an adequate solution in the production of external walls, parapet walls (in combination with sandwich panels), partition walls and fire walls.


The horizontal elements of roof construction OPERA are made from prestressed concrete and sets on IF beams. Basic characteristics of OPERA elements.