Description of elements

Prefabricated collars and footings cast together in situ form point foundations for mounting precast columns. The use of prefabricated collars significantly reduces the time needed for the construction of point foundation sand helps minimise construction deadlines. The collars are placed on lean concrete and then a base footing dimensioned according to a static calculation is cast in situ on a previously laid reinforcment mesh. Ifrainwater drainpipes are to be located vertically in the columns, then a rainwater outlet is positionedin the collar. Depending on the load and cross-section of the columns, three types of collars are produced: S, M, XL according to the characteristics shown in the table below. Double collars and prefabricated concrete loading ramps can also be produced.


For lifting and moving prefabricated collars, openings in the collar walls are made during their production to allow the positioning of metal rods to attach ropes. Notches on the collar walls indicate the center of the collar and facilitate their positioning.


After checking the verticality and alignment of rainwater drainage pipes, the column base is placed on top of the footing. The space between the column and the collar is filled with concrete of suitablestrength, forming a statically coherent unit.