Description of elements

The product portfolio of MG Precast includes prestressed IFLED floor structures. As with other prefabricated floor structures, these structures are to be mounted and cast monolithically. IFLED floor structures are characterized by great spans and high load-bearing capacity. As prestressing tendons are placed in clearly defined zones, these floors are structures are suitable for installation ducts.

These elements are widely used in car parks and shopping centres in which spans tend to reach 8 x 16 m, which results in rationalization of the number of elements used and rapid installation. They are also used for flat roofs. Profiled steel sheet covers the open top surface of a mounted IFLED and supports monolithic casting. .

For a standard width of 250cm, there can be four element heights H=30cm, H=40cm, H=50cm and H=60cm.
The IFLED elements are fire resistant up to R120’ (norm. UNI 9502)


Neoprene pads are used to support the structure. The minimum supporting length is 18 cm. When stabilizing the slab, concrete of a minimum compression strength of 30N/mm2 and particle size distribution 0-12 is to be cast over the upper surface. The minimum monolithic casting coat is 5cm.